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November 6th, 2012
 NEW!  Your 8-hour Mask

This time around, we thought we’d dispense with some helpful advice to you. First off, did you know that every night you wear an 8-hour mask when you sleep? Yes, your pillowcase—or as we call it, your 8-hour mask—is like a long-wearing mask because your face is in contact with it throughout the night. For this reason alone, we encourage you to use the softest pillowcases you can find in natural fibers and in the highest threadcounts you can buy.

Equally important is that you launder and change out your pillowcases frequently. It’s great that you take good care of your skin by washing your face every night, but it doesn’t make much sense to put a dirty mask on it afterward, does it? Optimally, you should change your pillowcase out every few days, especially if you use heavy hair products or if you don’t shampoo your hair daily.

When you wash your pillowcases, we recommend you do not fabric softener as that would mean you’re sometimes adding animal or plant fats to your 8-hour mask, which may explain breakouts if you’re experiencing them. We hope you give our recommendations a try and that it helps you.

Posted by Denise Hall


July 6th, 2012
Chocolate Silk Facial + Hot Stone Therapy

We hope you all had a great July 4th holiday—we sure did! We wanted to check in with you to make sure you’re staying hydrated, keeping up with your daily sunblock, and applying additional sunblock midday if you’re sweating it off due to warmer weather or exercise. We also wanted to announce two new services we’ve begun to provide which we love and which we think you might become addicted to as well. ;)

The first offering is the decadent, yummy-smelling, anti-oxidant-rich Chocolate Silk Facial—Relax and enjoy a scrumptious facial great for all skin types which will soften and hydrate your skin, while the the familiar, delicious scent of cocoa calms and soothes your mind. Our second offering is a relaxing and warming Hot Stone Therapy you get half an hour of a relaxing stone massage as well as a full hour of a facial. For the hot stone massage, we lay heated stones on specific muscles to warm them, as well as holding them in our hands to massage other parts of your body. Book your appointments online now!

Posted by Denise Hall


May 25th, 2012
Thoughts on Good Skin

I was talking to a client recently who asked me how I measure success when it comes to the progress of a skincare regimen for my clients. I thought about this for a moment and the answer came quickly: After a course of treatment with me, one of the ways I know that I've succeeded is when a client leaves the house without foundation or other concealing makeup on their face. On purpose! Yes, maybe they have brow powder, eyeliner, or lipstick on, but to leave the house without much more than that is an initially unthinkable concept for some who come to us. When they report that they left the house without makeup on... well, I consider that a badge of success and a sign of good teamwork.

Posted by Denise Hall


May 4th, 2012
It's never too late to shop for Mom!

Mother’s Day is this weekend and if you weren't able to secure an appointment for that special lady in your life, it's never too late to get her a gift certificate for a future treatment, or to buy her a Hall of Faces skin care product replacement, especially one you know she loves. If you prefer to purchase by phone, please feel free to give us a call at 415.933.8858 and we will get back to you in case we're with a client. Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Denise Hall


January 27th, 2012
Now you can purchase Hall of Faces products online!

We’ve been busy here helping our clients look lovely, one face at a time. In our spare time, we up and decided you should be able to order our products even if you’re no longer living in the Bay Area. That’s right, you can buy all of our products online now at our skin care product site. If you prefer to purchase by phone, please feel free to give us a call at 415.933.8858 and we will get back to you in case we're with a client. Happy New Year (belatedly) to everyone out there!

Posted by Denise Hall

December 22, 2011
Book Appointments with Hall of Faces Online

You may book appointments with us online now, and in a few short weeks we will officially be offering our products for purchase online as well. Check back again soon! In the meantime, of course, feel free to give us a call at 415.933.8858. All the best from us to you and yours! :)

Posted by Denise Hall

December 8, 2011
Winter Holidays nipping at your nose, chin, and forehead?

Well, here we are at December again—how'd that happen so quickly? If you're like most people and you're not done with your holiday shopping yet, consider treating your friends and loved ones to a beauty treatment at Hall of Faces! We offer a full menu of services which would delight just about anyone.

If you're frazzled from all that shopping, how about treating yourself to a gift that not only helps you look better but feel better, too? We offer discount packages on all of our facials: Buy 3 facial treatments and get the 4th treatment free! We offer a simple phone consultation to quickly help to determine which facial would be best suited for your skin type—just give us a ring at (415) 933-8858 anytime, and we can answer your questions or just book an appointment for you.

Happy Holidays to you from all of us here at Hall of Faces! :)

Posted by Denise Hall


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